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12 Jan 2021 -
Adds new tibia client 12.60 features for next...

Adds new tibia client 12.60 features for next reset!


4 Jan 2021 -
PLEASE download the new client 12.60 to play. Have fun.

PLEASE download the new client 12.60 to play. Have fun.

24 Dec 2020 -
Fix houses and map zones.

Fix houses and map zones.

28 Nov 2020 -
  Updated items.otb with items from version 12.55   Added new areas on the map and...


Updated items.otb with items from version 12.55


Added new areas on the map and corrected others


Resolves #1151

Added Water Elemental cave

Position {x = 32679, y = 32963, z = 7}


Resolves #1755

Added script of the npc Andrew Lyze

Only say "hi, materials" for get the acess (same the global)

Position {x =32759, y= 32632, z= 7}


Resolves #1181

Added Feaster of Souls map


Forgotten Temple (Ankrahmun)

Position 33315-32674-8;


Hyeana Lair's (Darashia)

Resolves #1728

Position 33212-32358-8;


Zarganash (All old and new boss rooms and taint central teleport)

Positions: 33621-31431-10; 33710-31635-14; 33770-31505-13; 33714-31505-14;


Barren Drift / boss room Thaian (Oramond)

Position 32876-31887-8;


Netherworld and mini bosses room

Position 33614-31414-8;


Last Boss King Zelos room (Grave Danger)

Position 33490-31547-13;

Entrance to Isle of the Kings

Position 32172-31918-8;


Thaian's Tavern (Edron)/Prospector Mine

Entrance to Barren Drift

Position 33228-31703-7;


Stone portals of Netherworld (Banuta)

Position 32883-32518-7;


Zarganash (Vengoth)

Position 32962-31497-7;


Added Bounac map (no respawns)

Position {x = 32409, y = 32484, z = 7}


Added Mirrored Nightmare map (no respawns)

Missing some parts of the underground

Position {x = 33937, y = 31217, z = 11}


Dream Scar and Last Boss Room (5 Bosses Room is missing)

Position 32208-32034-13;


Brain Grounds (Entrance north of the Jakundaf Desert in Venore)

Position 31914-32355-8;



Minor modifications throughout the map/walls and floors missing and removing rubbish

Seacrest Grounds (Oramond) - Removal of garbage and some wrong floors and walls

Gnome Deep Hub (Warzone 6) - Boss room correction and last boss ancient spawn of the Morgathla

Roshamuul - Redoing a part of the ground in the northeast and some edge corrections throughout the Island

Summer and winter court fixes (near Feyrist) - Some borders, flags and a waterfall

Corrections in all borders on the right side of Krailos (Map was cut from north to south)

Changes in bridges of Krailos. Some are now on the ground floor and close to the boat was new and old

Removed lost walls and roofs on the island on the left side of Adventurer's Isle


Resolves #1841

Resolves #2014

Apparently, revscript does not support the register of different methods (aid/uid /position) in the same outline.


Resolves #1998

Fixed positions


Resolves #1683

Now, the acess is unlocked before say mission to the npc "Eshaya"


Resolves #1915

Removed rubbish and blood on the floor

Respawns have been redone according to global

Position {x = 32699, y = 32244, z = 9}


Added floors, walls and door in the last boss Secret Library's anteroom

Position 32480-32593-15;


Boss Duke Krule (Thais) - Modifying the anteroom of the lever that was wrong

Position 32350-32167-12;


Temple of the sun cult in Kilmaresh (Ogre Mountain) - It had wrong pillars and walls

Position 33813-31633-10;


Npc Merley Room Cover Edges removed (Oramond basement)

Position 33580-31870-12;

21 Nov 2020 -
Adds Cyclopedia more infor about server characters. Fixed gamestore house items.
  • Adds Cyclopedia more infor about server characters.
  • Fixed gamestore house items.
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4.1.2021 -
New Client!
Author: SeriousMan

Download our new client to play. Have fun!

23.10.2020 -
Welcome to Serious OT

Monthly updated 100% RL, low exp, long terms, server paid for 5 years, have fun.

Come with your friends to live a great adventure again.

Our prices in donations are extremely low for the enjoyment of all budgets, minimum payment decreased to € 2.5

Server Info:

    • IP: (Port: 7171)
    • Client: 12.51
    • Online: 24/7
    • World type: PVP (Protection level: 100)
    • House rent: disabled.



  • Exp Rate: 0-50lvl x100, 50-100lvl x50, 100-200lvl x40, 200-300lvl x30, 300-400lvl x20, 400-500lvl x10, 500-1000lvl x5, 1000 + x2
  • Magic Level: x4
  • Skills: x30
  • Loot: x5
  • Spawn: x3
  • Guilds: 1 level (Create via website)

Please create account and go visit downloads to start playing! 

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